Sunday, 28 September 2008

The journey

It's been exactly 2years and 2 months since I left Singapore to UK soil. During the whole time I've been procrastinating about setting up my own blog to share with family and friends far and near. Having given the excuses like ''I am a Busy Bee'', ''Do I have time to maintain my blog?'', ''Will I have the so called overly ardent blog fans?'' and all the "how to" and "what to" follows etc etc. But one has to start somewhere, so here I am...............with the name of Apron's Delight.
A little background how Apron's Delight came about. Be patient, because I can be quite long winded if I wanted to.
When I actually set foot on British soil, it was with a feeling of excitement, here a new life ensue. Having made the decision to come here for good I hope, it would be defeated not to assimilate, observe, learn and be at ease with all the new culture has to offer. As once a wise man says : "you can at best come to grip with the problem and co-exist with them and when comfortable enough eventually, to feel you belong''. This does not mean one should trade away one's cultural heritage for another but rather a fusion of both cultures.
So food is one of them. Generally I love to eat and like to try my hand at new recipes. Baking has never been one of my cooking credentials, as it requires combination of good cooker and good skill. The horrid of baking failures like cake doesn't rise, cake over rise, hole in a middle, too dry, under cooked, etc etc sent me thousand miles away to hide and never want to put my hand into baking attempt. So one has to start small and start simple.It all begin with me baking some English summer fruits muffins to host afternoon tea to a friend (of course with hint of Englishness). The muffins turned out well, or rather "perfectly well" as my friend puts it(you get what I mean, golden brown and slightly crispy on the outside and moist in the inside). Each of us had our fill of 4 muffins each. One can't go unnoticed with the nice English rose apron I am wearing.....guess it boost my confidence or rather some kind of miracle bestow upon me that after all I can bake. An instant success and I now do bake once in awhile like pastries, breads and cakes. And conversation about setting up an tea place eventually , will named it Apron's Delight[noted only if I retired from my engineering job]. I owed my friend this piece of intelligent property , calling this site Apron's Delight. As I continue with my journey, I hope you all enjoy my recipes, my down to earth photography and once in awhile if I'm not Busy Bee with other commitments, I try my best to upkeep it. So stay tuned. Positive or even harsh critics are welcome. As one said, if all smooth sailing one will stop to grow.


Algernond said...

Well done. All that talk, and at last some action.

Thanks for giving me some recognition for 'Apron Delights'


Christine said...

Didn't realize it is so easy :-), me the computer illiterate

Algernond said...

Not computer illiterate... just a matter of interest isn't it !

Perry said...

fen: way to go!

Christine Toh said...

Yes algernond, can be quite addictive you know. :-). You can suggest some recipes as well.....

Fen & Perry, your blog inspired me as well, esp the nice photos. :-)