Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Back from holiday (Part 3)

Area near Eyjafyallajokull-still covered in thick volacnic ash, can get quite hazy

This will be the last part of our adventures in Iceland. We were contemplating where to go next after the extensive Golden Circle excursion. We still have 1 full day to explore, wondering what nature has to offer us in Iceland. We were offered half day whale watching/puffin tour + nearby Videy Island or a full 9 hours excursion to the south [ with the possibility of going through the volcano eruption area]. Of course the latter sounds more interesting, to be in the spot where we could witness what big trouble this Eyjafyallajokull has caused. We decided there and then South Shore Adventures it would be, for our next day excursion.
We woke up early to have our huge breakfast before starting our tour at around 9am departing from Reykjavik. The drive to South Shore took almost 3.5 hours to a little coastal hamlet of Vik. Along the way we passed through the area near the erupted volcano. We were literally passing through the area which still has lots of volcanic ash lying around. On a dry and windy day, the whole area will be very hazy, with poor visibility. We did stop to get our hands on the ash from Eyjafyallajokull, took some as a little sovenirs from Iceland. We then proceed to Vik. It is the southern most tip of Iceland, from here to Antartic, there are no land in between. The main attraction in Vik, is it almost black sandy beach.

The black sandy beach of Vik

The waves here is really strong, you could feel the power of the waves even you're looking from afar. It is also famous for Reynisdrangar pillars that rise from the sea just off the shore. It reminded me of the eleven apostles on The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

Reynisdrangar pillars

South Iceland is a lowland region of lush farmland (but due to the recent eruption), many crops has been destroyed. Even the white glacier Myrdalsjokull is covered with ash and is quite mucky. But the experience of seeing grey glacier will have your body and mind transported to the moon for a second. We also had the opportunity to walk on the ash covered glacier. Cool.....
Myrdalsjokull glacier-look like a place on the moon

After that, we stopped at Skogar Village. There we went up the Skogar Waterfall, one of the highest in Iceland. Looks frantically frightful up there as the fall plunges about 100 metres downward.
Skogar Waterfall-looks scary as it plunges 100 meters down

Afterwards a visit of the Skogar Folk Museum; a local folk museum which gives an excellent insight into Iceland’s history. The caretakers of the museum are full of enthusiasm explaining the early history of Icelandic people. A small museum but has very cosy feeling about it, with Holt houses dotted around it. We spent 45 minutes at this stop.

Holt House

The last stop before heading back to Reykjavik would be the lovely Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, a small but extremely picturesque waterfall, special not only for its beauty but also because it is actually possible to walk behind it. If the sun ray is in front of the fall, the mist from the fall form a lovely rainbow......awesome spectacular sight. A wonderful waterfall indeed.

Seljandsfoss-you can walk behind the plummeting fall-the lovely rainbow

With all the nature has to offer, this excursion totally turn out to be ideal for nature lovers of all kinds. Totally love it.
We head back to Reykjavik with our mind filled with all the beautiful things nature had offered. Truly Nature, Wild and Free............. go to Iceland. We definitely be back in Iceland in the near future.

Soon I'll be posting cooking recipes again......... from lovely Cambridge. Stay tuned.

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