Monday, 2 August 2010

Sit down and relax with egg sandwich

I have not been able to blog for the last 3 days. Quite frustrated when one's computer been infected by viruses and worms. Luckily, I have a good friend whom I can rely upon to be the worm-buster. Thanks to my techie and not so nerdy friend, my computer is up and running again.
As a keen gardener, July onwards is time to sit down and relax and enjoy the spectacular display of beautiful summer flowers in the garden. And those days of hard labor in the garden in the early months had been handsomely rewarded.

Yes, it's also time for afternoon tea party in the garden or in the conservatory. I must say a tradition that is truly English and one could easily embrace especially in the summer months. I've few friends over last Saturday [quoted: they cycle a long way to my house] for this delightful tea party in my little conservatory that overlook the little back garden. I hosted a full tea party where the menu consist of finger food that is savory, sweet and desserts. Sit down and relax over some egg sandwiches, cooling cucumber sandwiches, freshly baked mini sausage rolls and not forgetting the delightful summer fruit tarts over a nice cup of freshly brew tea plus some gossips. I will post here the simple to make egg sandwich recipes.

Egg sandwich
Salad cress
  • 3 hardboiled large eggs
  • 1.5 tbsp mayonnaise (I use Hellmans brand)
  • sprinkle of freshly ground black peppercorn
  • handful of salad cress
  • 6 slices of bread of your choice
  • vegetable spread/margarine
  1. Mashed the eggs with fork. Add in mayonnaise, black peppercorn. Mixed well and set aside.
  2. Take 3 slices of bread and stacked them up, remove the crust. Repeat for the next 3 slices.
  3. Spread margarine on the bread.
  4. Add the salad cress into the egg and mix. Divide the egg fillings into 4 portions.
  5. Spread one portion on every 2 slices to form 3 tier sandwiches.
  6. Use a bread knife to slice the sandwich into 4 finger size bites.
  7. Arrange nicely onto a plate and decorate with some salad cress.
And indeed it was a delightful thing to enjoy on a nice afternoon............

Enjoy the nice pictures from my garden with it's fair share of lovely butterfly and bumble bees

Cone flower or enchinachea


adel said...

the simple egg sandwiches look so inviting!hope your summer is so far so good!

Christine Toh said...

Hi Adel,

Yeap it has been a fabulous summer....still summery :-), couldn't be better.
Give it a try....nice sandwich indeed, if you can't find salad cress maybe use pea shoot (dou miao) as substitute.