Saturday, 27 November 2010

Missing In Action Again

For the past 2 months, I had been traveling quite a bit, first to Ireland, then to the far east and recently I just got back from the States. Traveling bit was fun but I must say that my natural body clock all gone haywire due to different time zones. After catching up the much needed sleep or sleeps here I am. To my readers out there, apology for the rather "silenzio" moment in my blog for the last 1 month or so.

It was rather a good opportunity to return to US before my visa runs out. I was attending a conference in Dallas for a week. We didn't get to see Dallas very much as the conference programs were rather compacted from early morning to evening. Only on one evening, we went out to Galleria Dallas for shopping. Most of Christmas lighting is up. Apart of that we don't get to experience any cultural event. From food point of view, there are no lack of choices of good to very good restaurants along Belt Line Road close to where our hotel is. We even won over by an authentic Japanese Sushi Bar, known as Mr. Sushi, we went back twice to dine there, so oishi!

After Dallas trip, we flew to San Francisco, stay tuned for more exciting stories of San Francisco..........


Algernond said...

I heard that you experienced some culture in Dallas... at an air museum.

Maybe it was so exciting, that you forgot ?

Christine Toh said...

Hi Alge,

I thought the Gold Gym was more of an experience :-)

Even though I have not been to Duxford air museum I can sense it's way much better than Dallas one :-)