Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Finally it has arrived

Oh I'm so happy today, finally my new multifunction oven has arrived. I had ordered it online a week ago and thought I've to wait a further 28days before they could actually deliver. Having the festive season just around the corner, and no oven to bake with, I could feel a bit restless if I'm inviting guests over for dinner, unless I would only served drinks (I mean alcoholic drinks) :-) .
Well, I've been researching awhile which oven to suit me and my kitchen, finally I decided for NEFF series 3 oven, German made, elegant stainless steel finishing and fit well into my built in cabinet. I'm really looking forward to start my baking again ..... the thought of freshly bake aroma of cakes, pastry, bread, pizza, pudding etc ..............
All begins with oven installation DIY before I could actually use it....luckily I have my friend to give a helping hand to do the wiring.
It has been so cold since yesterday, the temperature barely stay above freezing during the day. It's forecasted to snow tomorrow and well into Friday-about 10cm of snow expected. Stay tuned for some shots of snow.


fen said...

What happened to your old oven?

Christine Toh said...


That's pretty old oven I inherited from previous owner. Well food doesn't cooked evenly in that old oven and making hell lot of noise, ask Ann. So time to get a new one. :-)