Monday, 7 February 2011

Happy Year of Rabbit

Wishing all my family and friends a Happy Chinese New Year. This year is the year of Rabbit. I wish everyone will enjoy good health and prosperity. I haven't been back to Malaysia/Singapore for CNY over 3 years now, pretty much getting used to celebrating with close friends over here in UK. And moreover I still have to work during CNY, so I decided to host a lunch over at mine on Sunday.
It's a good time to get together to enjoy a nice meal with good friends and I also do enjoy cooking for my guests. At the end of the day, if you could make someone happy through sharing your food, it's a very satisfying thought.

My menu for the day consist of following:
  1. Yusheng - Raw salmon salad

  2. Starter of prawn toast, fried wonton, spring roll

  3. Premium seafood broth

  4. Roast ''Pek Ling'' duck with mantou[thanks to Algernond for naming that roast duck after me]

  5. Mixed vegetables stir fry

  6. Chow Mein

  7. Steamed Scallop in black bean sauce

  8. Pot sticker/Gyoza

My appointed photographer was pretty much distracted by the lovely food and forgot to take nice macro shot.

I hope all my guests had gone home with a great smile on their face.

I will eventually share with you some nice recipes here, be patience. At the moment let me share some pictures my photographer took before he got distracted by the food.... or more likely the boozy.

Enjoying gyoza

You might think it's shark fin soup, but hey it's not, I called it premium seafood broth

Roast duck with mantou drizzled with Hoisin sauce-Yum Yum

Crispy ''Pek Ling'' Roast Duck, thumbs up

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