Friday, 6 February 2009

The Wintry Week

Some of you have heard that London was battered by heaviest snowfall in 18years. All transport networks in London came to a standstill on Monday. But for me in Cambridge we do get our fair share of snow flurry as well. Almost every morning for the past five days we're gifted with white winter wonderland. Really pretty, I just noticed my neighbor's kids had been building a snowman for me.

Waking up each morning to white winter wonderland in Cambridge.

My car covered in thick snow.

On my way to work yesterday, I saw these 3 kids trying to roll a big snowball across the road. It was rather heavy for their size, they're trying really hard to push the ball until at point they just gave up and let me drive through.

Meanwhile at work during Friday lunchtime, we are normally served fish & chip with mushy peas. However one of my friend trying to convince me to post his buttie bun on my blog. I'm not convinced to try his bun though, well he said it is winter warming food though (of course with thick spread of butter, chips and mushy peas)..... what else aye!


Algernond said...

Is not called 'Buttie Bun'. It is called 'CHIP BUTTIE'.

And if one spends 15 mins trying to photograph it, then it won't be winter warming, because it'll be cold....

Christine Toh said...

Thanks for letting me know it's Chip Buttie