Sunday, 20 September 2009

Dim Sum Lunch on a perfect September Sunday afternoon

I was enjoying much of September weather here since I came back from holidays. Cool temperature of 20C and perfect blue sky reckon for a get together for lunch with friends to catch up or could have them around to be my culinary guinea pigs. ;-)
I just invited my friends over telling them it's gonna be a simple meal. Here's my list of DIY dim sum, making almost everything from scratch. :-)

Steamed stuff
  1. Char Siew Bao - Roasted pork steam bun
  2. Shiu Mai - Pork and shrimp dumplings
  3. Har Kau - Shrimp dumplings
  4. Lo Mai Kai - Chicken Glutinous Rice
  5. Chee Cheong Fun - Rice rolls
  6. Fong Zhao - Braised chicken feet
Baked stuff
  1. Char Siew Soh - Roasted pork puff
  2. Portuguese Egg Tarts
Fried stuff
  1. Prawn and Mango in shredded pastry
  2. Crispy chicken wings
  3. Prawn crackers
  4. Guo tie- Pot sticker
  1. Wanton noodle soup
  1. Fresh seasonal fruits
Let me share with you Portuguese Egg Tarts recipes which I learnt from fellow food blogger, a friend of mine (so moo food) . Please give this recipes a try :-) .
It turned out really well- crispy flaky tarts with creamy soft custard fillings. YUMMY.

I wonder my friends will be in for a surprise.......a LIGHT meal versus a FEAST.


Ann said...

Wow! you made all the food you've listed? Where are the pics-lah? Come to Melb and make some for me-lah.

Algernond said...

I took most the pictures, and the quality not good enough to show ....

Algernond said...

...her new camera is too complex....

Perry R. Lim said...

What a spread! And that's supposed to be a simple meal...

Christine Toh said...

Hi Ann,

As commented by Algernond [the highly skilled photographer], it's the camera that's too complex to work with. Do not worry Ann, stay tuned, I will share here some great and easy recipes for you to try. Come over here and I'll cook a storm for you guys. :-)

Christine Toh said...

Hi Algernond,

Next time read the manual first :-)

Christine Toh said...

Hi Perry,

It's fun to eat dim sum with lots of people, an occasion to foster good bonding among family and friends :-). Intention was indeed a light meal but one dish lead to another.... hehehehe

adel said...

wow christine, really admire your dim sum skills!!really impressed!glad that u like the Portuguese egg tart recipe :)
next time, must try ur prawn&mango filo pastry when we go visit u...

Christine Toh said...

Hi Adel,

You're most welcome to visit me in Cambridge. Do drop by.

fen said...

that was a feast! Like real-la. I think can kalah the dim sum shops here.

Christine Toh said...

Fen, thanks for your compliment. :-)

susie lau said...

Admire all the dimsum make by you.
Hope one day i will be able to do it. Coz i love baking,cooking.....
that's why i love to read your blog

Christine Toh said...

Hi Susie,

Thanks for your comment. Cooking is about learning from others (i.e recipes book, chef on TV, friends who cook, etc), so I'm sure you'll be able to whip up good dim sum too :-).