Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Local food that I like-Singapore Part 2

Been rather busy the past few days both at home and at work. Been wanting to update the blog on my recent trip back to far east. Alright, alright....... here it goes.....on my makan makan trip around Singapore.

Been here and there as follow in Singapore:
  1. Local food : Ngee Kee Fried Hokkien Mee Stall-Changi Airport Terminal 2 Food Court. Fried Hokkien Mee verdict: It's tasty with good prawn flavor sauce, portion reasonable, wish there were more prawns though. Ho Chiak lah.......

  2. Hoong Woh Tong Chinese Herbal Tea Shop-Bugis [near OG]. This kind of herbal shop can be commonly found in Hong Kong. I opt for the medicinal benefits of having Gui Lin Gao. It's looks like black jelly, but this is made of ground tortoise shell. Normally it is serve with honey to mask the bitterness of the jelly. For ladies : note, regular consumption of this is good for the skin.

  3. Japanese ramen joint: Ajisen Ramen - Bugis Junction. Good for value lunch set available everyday. The ramen noodle is well made, the broth is slightly fragant in miso, garlic and dashi stock. Portion is huge and real value for money for those who fancy Japanese ramen. 1 side dish, 1 ramen and 1 drink will set you back by 10 Singapore dollars only. Oishi ne. Brrrp.......

  4. Taiwanese food: Din Tai Fung restaurant - various outlets in Singapore [I went to the one at City Hall] . This restaurant has bee line que of customers be it in Taiwan or Singapore. Their signature dish is the Xiao Long Bao [meat dumpling]. The skin were skilfully done, filled with juicy minced pork, beware of the hot temperature juice when savoring this dumpling. We're there rather late for light lunch and many items has run out of order. So we only managed vegetables seaweed salad, xiao long bao and dang dang noodles. I enjoyed eating at Din Tai Fung.

  5. Indonesian cake shop : Bengawan Solo - one of my favorite cake shop. Some of the outlets has little cafe that do serve coffee, teh tarik and even my favorite desserts Cendol. Is a good stop for mid-afternoon snack of kuih kuih or cake with tea, coffee or even some Cendol. Cendol is actually made of rice flour with pandan extract, and normally served with shaved ice, palm sugar syrup, sweetened kidney bean and a scoopful of coconut cream. Yes calorie laden desserts, but it's an enjoyment for me to savor this authentic South East sweets.


adel said...

have you started using D5000 yet? how do you find it? i just got to singapore ystrdy as i'm typing :)

Christine Toh said...

Yeap started fiddling with my new toy. Liking it but still got lots to learn on how to play with it :-).
Enjoy Singapore :-)