Monday, 24 August 2009

Local food that I like - Singapore Part 1

Having just arrived back here after 13hours of long haul flights, I braced myself over the hot(note 34C) and humid weather of Singapore. I was sweating profusely the moment I step out of Changi Airport Terminal One. I started to miss the weather back in Cambridge....indeed a nice cool summer ~ 22C only. I guess on the good side of things it stay sunny here in Singapore and not forgetting the yummylicious food here.
One local dish that I really like here is Yong Tau Foo. This dish is of Hakka origin. It is made of fish paste stuffed into tofu, bean curd skin, vegetables-okra, brinjal and chillis etc. They're normally served with noodles, kway teow (thick rice noodle) , bee hoon(rice vermicelli) and rice too. You can either ask for dry or soupy version with sweet and hot chilli sauce. As usual I go with kway teow soup. Yummy, what can I say...craving satisfied. And a mere SGD3.50, less than 2 quid for a hearty meal.
So much constructions going on in the past 2years that I had not been back to Singapore. Shopping complexes sprouting here and there. One of the mega complex is VivoCity down at Harbour Front. Good selection of shops, well for me is just window shop :-).

I'm heading to Krabi soon for a short vacation. Stay tune for good food and whatever fancies me.


Anonymous said...

yo christine,

din know u were back, are u still in sg?


Christine Toh said...

yo Jaz,

Back to hometown in Malaysia. :-)
Haven't been back here for ages.....