Saturday, 29 August 2009

Visiting Trang

We've landed at Krabi on the 26th. Weather wise: Cloudy, hot & humid. After one and half hour airport transfer, we finally arrived at our sanctuary-Anantara Si Kao Resort
It was indeed a sanctuary for those looking for a place to just slow down and relax, embracing the the sound of wave, a seaview of picturesque looking limestone islet from your room, surrounded by lush greeneries..... so tranquil and serene. One could opt for spa treatment, or attend pilates/yoga session in the morning, or hop to Kho Kradan for a half day leisure on the Adaman sea. The staff at the resort is so polite, with smiles and helpful, service wise top notch none other can beat. A must for those seeking out a place just to relax and rejuvenate the body and soul ..... I called it a bliss.

As for me I did go for a half day stroll at Trang a little town 30minutes from Si Kao. I'm interested in how the local go about their daily life and of course trying out local food. Trang is well known for it's roasted pork. Having said that we nibble on some bits just to try, indeed it's lovely-juicy and with hint of char siew sweetness to the meat and perfect crisp on the skin. I took this picture of a typical roast pork seller on the Trang market, she is a willing party to have her photo taken although I'm aware of the big chopper and the pig's head just laying ahead of me :-) .

Of course not forgetting the little snacks that is popular in Thailand better known as Kanom Buang Thai (or mini Thai tacos to the farang). This popular snack is like a crispy pancake with shredded coconut and minced shrimp. It brings with it a flavor of sweet and saltiness and a mouthful of crispy pancake...delicious...for the price of 1Baht per piece ( around 1 pence) , how could I resist.
Of course not forgetting Pad Thai, a staple food for me if I'm in Thailand. I won't grow tired eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The trip would not be complete without it. Yum, yum.

For me Thailand is not only the land of smiles, but to foodie is a paradise.


adel said...

nice nice nice! wish you had a brilliant time there!

Christine Toh said...

thanks adel, yes it's a nice place in Anantara Si Kao. I truly enjoyed it.

Ann said...

what else did you do there???

fen said...

thanks for babysitting Adelle at the pool. :)

Christine Toh said...


Hmnn.....instead of looking for Thai massage at Trang, we ended up with body polish. Bummer as I'm anticipating to a good massage.

Christine Toh said...

Hi Fen,

Adele's enjoying at the paddling pool too