Thursday, 20 August 2009

Restaurant Review : Xin Dim Sum Restaurant

We're out visiting the summer opening of Buckingham Palace last Sunday. It was really great to see the interior of The State Room. However no photography allowed within the interior of the palace. The grand decor, every details speak for itself. We spent almost 2.5hrs in the State Room viewing the exhibits. We didn't want to leave until our stomach protested that it's time for lunch.
We headed to Harrods which is just a stone throw away from the Palace. We went for the first restaurant we spotted on the Ground Floor of Harrods Knightbridge. It's known as Xin Dim Sum restaurant. We, each ordered a set lunch of delicate mouthful dim sum. It consists each of set of steam delicacies and bake/fry delicacies. In the steamer, it consists of shiu mai (minced pork dumpling), char siew bao (roasted pork bun), har gow (shrimp dumpling), xiao long bao (pork dumpling), mini he yea fan (lotus leaf rice), shui jin bao (lemon grass chicken crystal dumpling) meanwhile the bake/fry plate offers vegetable spring roll and char siew puff parcel.

Shiu Mai = The dumpling is well marinated and very juicy and moist.
Char Siew Bao = The bao skin is soft, however I find the roast pork a bit bland for my taste.
Har Gow= The shrimp is crunchy but the har gow skin is a bit on the unsatisfactory
Xiao Long Bao = Average
He Yea Fan = The taste is alright, however the glutinous rice I find a bit over steam to the point of being a bit too soggy.
Lemon grass chicken crystal dumpling= The mix of slight tanginess blend well with the skin, so it's a good dim sum.
Char Siew Puff Parcel = Excellent, the skin is flaky enough and just nicely sweet. The Char siew this time around is moist and brings out the hint of five spice powder after taste. Yummy, definitely top notch.
Vegetable spring roll= The skin a bit thick but crispy still. Just average though.

Overall I would rate 6.5/10 for the food. We paid GBP15.80 for the mouthful of delicacies.

Anyway enjoy this picture I took of the nice butterfly sucking nectar from dahlias.

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