Sunday, 29 March 2009

Spring into BST

Today we tuned our clock an hour forward, better known as British Summer Time(BST). So much to look forward to, as daylight is getting longer, weather is getting warmer and yes my spring bulb flowers are starting to take shape and showing off their vibrant colors. I love fresh cut flowers for display in my home, beauty and fragant, will definitely lift up your mood. Again enjoy the spring colors.

White Hyanciths, her perfume is so sweet . I planted them in the fall

Blue Delft hyancinths, so sweet they are in their almost dark blue purplish color

My hyancinths border in front garden, they filled me with lovely fragant

The versatile daffodils

Different varieties of daffodil cut flowers from my garden

Blue muscari, yellow primrose and white ranunculus

Early single white tulips in bloom

I think this is Queen of Night Tulips

My favorite white Ranunculus, look so beautiful with layer of petals

Also known as Persian buttercup-Ranunculus

So beautiful, isn't it?


Algernond said...

Very nice!
Fall is an American word by the way. You cannot use that word when talkin about an English country garden...

JenQ said...

Your ranunculus are really gorgeous!

Fen said...

I'm really beginning to miss spring!

sofood said...

The big daffodil is definitely one variety that I haven't encountered so far..

Christine Toh said...

Algernond: Note well taken.

JenQ: Yes ranunculus one of my favorite beside roses.

Fen: Book flight for next spring to UK.

sofood: There's lot of varieties of daffs. Their arrial just signifies spring has set in :-)