Saturday, 18 October 2008

Foot that travel places

Some of you might wonder whether why there is no new posting from me for the last few days. Reason is I am out of town on work. Where to? some might ask.
When I checked my passport, infact I have lost count of the entry stamps into Schipol airport. Yes I am in Holland again, yes AGAIN. At least this time around I have some time at hand to make a little trip around Amsterdam before heading to region of Twente for my official appointment.

We head to Zaanse Schans for a taste of gouda cheese, colorful clog and the good ole windmill. Of course being a keen gardener, no trip to Holland will be complete without heading to Amsterdam floating flower market or Bloemmarkt, haven for tulip & speciality bulbs. Another sight that will probably caught your attention, seeing so many cyclists Amsterdam, I've not seen any European capitals that has as many cyclists here. All the way bikey Amsterdam.

What's for meal in Amsterdam? You'll find many places offering falafel, the Holland chips(eaten with mayo the Dutch way), Asian- Chinese, Thai and of course the fame Indonesian food. We settled for Indonesian food, out of the many dishes on the rice table, only one I find to my liking which is chicken cook with Balinese sauce.
After dinner, one should check out the many coffee shop joint, well they look a bit dingy and we decided not to go in. So head eastward to Twente for work trip.

What a bliss to start Saturday morning with what I brought back from Holland, Gouda's Gilde Siroop Wafelen with a cup of Darjelling tea.


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when will you go online?

Algernond said...

Such cute socks :-) I want some.

Christine Toh said...

Algernond, let me tell you to get it from NEXT :-)