Monday, 6 October 2008

The Ugly or The Beauty?

Am reporting to you how I go about analysing the farmed mussels vs the picked mussels. Please bear with my mussels obsession at the moment. :-)
One obvious differences, those farmed mussels has pretty looking shell while those picked ones are mainly covered with barnicles.

Again I didn't demean the picked ones, just because they look less appealing to their cultured cousins. From texture wise, both are as succulent, however the picked one tend to have sand and grit.
Therefore feeling a little bit pity of their not so good looking nature[even Gordon Ramsay may disapprove of their ugly looking shell as deco for his plate I am sure], I created a nice looking simple seafood starter for the picked mussels. All you need, a little effort to turn the ugly into a piece of beauty.

Mussels boat with tartare sauce.


  • 50gm de-shelled mussels from yesterday leftover.
  • half medium red pepperbell
  • lime juice
  • 1 tsp tartare sauce
  • lemon for decoration
  1. put the cooked mussels into the halved pepperbell.
  2. drizzle the mussels with lime juice
  3. put the sauce on a lemon ring for dipping.
Simple and enjoy.

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